Why do we recommend using a BlueGuard?

BlueGuard supports a successful vaccination on four axes:

  • **Eliminate chlorine: It is necessary to use chlorine to ensure the quality of water used in vaccination, but on the other hand, the same chlorine can limit the particles of the vaccine as a strong disinfectant, which in turn delays the creation of the necessary antibody titer. It will not be, and the so-called vaccine effect in creating antibody titers will be reduced. BlueGuard completely removes all the chlorine in the water and completely eliminates its negative effects from vaccination.
  • **PH balance: PH imbalance is accompanied by a decrease in the effect of vaccination. If we want to express the standard pH for vaccination based on scientific studies, the number is between 7 and 7.5. From a very acidic range of 5 to a wide bafri range of 9, BlueGuard can set the PH to 7.5 to 7 by creating a buffer mode, so that vaccination has the maximum effect.
  • **Increased osmotic pressure: Vaccines have both viral and microbial sources. Microbial-derived vaccines such as Salmonella are highly sensitive to low osmotic pressure. BlueGuard increases the osmotic pressure of vaccine particles and prevention from absorb too much water and causing them not to swell and disintegrate so increase the effectiveness of the vaccine.
  • **Disposal of heavy metals: BlueGuard by connecting to the particles of heavy metals (such as: iron – bromine – copper – zinc, etc.) and settling them prevent their connection with vaccine particles so increased its efficiency.

Why BlueGuard ?

BlueGuard helps vaccination water flow can be easily traced in drinking water lines.

BlueGuard do not use protein with animal roots

Due to the thick color on the tip and head of the bird receiving the vaccine, it is easy to measure the success and prevalence of the vaccine at the herd level after vaccination.

BlueGuard is at least three times faster than similar foreign products and is ready to be vaccinated as soon as it dissolves in water.

محافظ آبی

BlueGuard Complete protection of vaccine particles from destructive agents of vaccination for at least two hours

BlueGuard repels the negative effects of heavy metals such as iron, copper, copper, etc.

BlueGuard by removing chlorine and other elements that break down the vaccine particles, it keeps the vaccine functioning at the desired level.

BlueGuard by creating a buffer state, in vaccination water, it provides the best amount of PH, which is 7 to 7.5

Less dose and more efficiency (mixed every 10 grams per 100 liters of water)

Why not use powdered milk in poultry vaccination?

  • Clogging of water lines over time
  • Inability to detect the amount of vaccine spread at the herd level
  • Not repelling water chlorine
  • Not creating a buffer state in the water
  • Increasing the hardness of vaccination water and reducing the effect of vaccination


This company at present is the most renowned company engaged in the nation –wide distribution of veterinary Pharmaceutical products in Iran, and has valid branches in all provinces and regions of Iran, with the most complete drug basket. since the coordination between market and production group is required as a principle, HAYAT GOSTAR ASIA Co. The distributor undertakes to recruit and appoint scientific managers for the introducing of products in all provinces of Iran.

Tel (Central distribution): 021-56392131-6

introduction of teb toyour company and Collaborating company:

teb toyour Pharmaceutical Technology Company started studying and formulating poultry vaccine stabilizers in Iran as same as in the world and simultaneously with the production of a new generation of Stabilizer (protective) vaccines in the world. The country’s veterinary department succeeded in receiving the license number 98-341-s.


The formula of this drug has been patented by the Patent Office of the Industrial Property Organization. The company has also been established in the Science and Technology Park during the establishment process and is currently researching several other knowledge-based drugs that are not domestically produced, which will be launched nationwide after approval by the country’s veterinary organization.


Collaborating company: BlueGuard is contracted and ordered by teb toyour Pharmaceutical Pharmacy in Azar Aria Pharmaceutical Pharmacy.